Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I caught the premier of the much-hyped new J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) show Fringe last night, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised! I debated with myself whether I was going to watch it or not, I've found that often the shows with that much hype end up disappointing, but in the end....well...there really wasn't anything else on!

The opening scene had me hooked, a plane full of passengers is traveling from Hamburg to Boston during an electrical storm. We see snippets of random passengers until we focus on a man clearly in a state of panic. He pulls out an insulin pen and injects himself. Seconds later he's on his feet, being chased by a flight attendant, he finally turns and something is wrong with his face. Soon the entire plane is infected....

Leave you wanting more? It did me! They're re-airing the pilot later this week, so I won't say anymore about the plot, in case anyone wants to check it out for themselves (Sunday night 8PM on Fox).

While I was riveted by the plot and enjoyed the superb acting (a special surprise, Joshua Jackson who's Clooney-like acting on Dawson's Creek generally annoyed me) I did find myself somewhat put off by some of the photography. I don't necessarily need or want my Sci-Fi shows to be "artsy", which Fringe did occasionally try to be last night. It's my hope that in future episodes, the writers, directors, and editors will realize that their show is at it's best when making up crazy experiments (communicating telepathically with a man in a coma?!) and chasing bad guys and lose all the weird camera angles and lighting choices.

I would encourage my fellow Sci-Fi lovers to check out Fringe but be warned that the opening scene described above is not for the weak stomached! I'll definitely be watching the next new episode on Tuesday!


  1. Have you watched the second episode of Fringe? Was it as gory?

    We had a conflict because Eureka was on at the same time. We did watch House though.


  2. I have mixed feelings on Fringe. Why does she talk like that? Is she numb? Plus Joshua Jackson is the worst actor in the world- there is no way that guy is a genius. That being said I am DVRing it every week and I love the crazy dad (obviously). I also love anything filmed on an Ivy League Campus- even if it is a green screen! I agree get rid of the stupid 3D location letters and get back to 'fringe science.'

  3. Thanks Em! Since when are you all fancy with a DVR? I was supposed to get one and the stupid cable guy didn't bring one. Hmmm....perhaps this is stuff I should email you with. Glad you're reading my blog!

    (I think Jackson is waaaaaaaayyyyyy better in this than in Dawson's Creek, I think I said that in my review though...)


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