Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I better get this in before tonight's SYTYCD!

Last Sunday, NBC premiered the BBC series Merlin. First of all, I'm incredibly excited that instead of make a crappier American version of a popular BBC series (the norm nowadays), NBC imported the series itself, meaning we get authentic accents and locations.

Now, despite the fact that I'm very much an Anglophile and watch what some might think an excessive amount of BBC America (it's even how I took in the coverage on Election Night), I hadn't heard of this show until the week before its premiere when I started seeing commercials for it. I also had no idea that it was a BBC production until I started watching it. However, I'm geek enough to be interested in anything having to do with the Arthurian legend, so I decided to check it out.

Merlin follows the exploits of (surprise) Merlin as a young man in Camelot. His mother has sent him to study with Gaius, the court physician. He has a natural aptitude for magic that goes beyond anything anyone has known. Unfortunately, King Uther outlawed all magic 20 years before, so Merlin must be careful not to be discovered. Unlike most of the Arthurian legends (Le Morte d'Arthur, The Magovinian, Disney's The Sword in the Stone), Merlin and Arthur are the same age. (How on earth was Arthur born without Merlin there to help old Uther?) Arthur is a bully and he and Merlin soon come to blows, until the last dragon of the realm, chained up below Camelot, calls to Merlin and tells him he is destined to guide Arthur. Merlin is, understandably, not too excited about that idea, but does as the dragon says.

Two episodes were shown last Sunday, and it was enough to convince me to keep watching. The cast is a veritable who's who of BBC television. Melin is played by up and comer Colin Morgan, whom Doctor Who fans will recognize from the Season 4 episode "Midnight". The dragon is voiced by John Hurt, and King Uther is played by none other than Giles himself, Anthony Head (who also had a guest role in Doctor Who). There was also a guest spot for Eve Myles, better known as Gwen Cooper to Torchwood and Doctor Who fans.

I look forward to more Doctor Who actor spotting in future episodes. Check it out Sunday nights on NBC.

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