Friday, June 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Vegas Week

First of all, Natalie was robbed! I can't believe they cut her that early, without even a chance to dance for her life! I feel like they were overly concerned about showing her favoritism, because there were people who had way worse dances than that one who got second, third and fourth chances. I'm unbelievably upset about it, I think she should complain and I sincerely hope that other bloggers are equally upset and the producers hear about it.

I also felt terrible for Miami ballet member, Alex, who's Artistic Director wouldn't let him out of his contract to compete. While completely understandable from a business point of view, it effected Alex deeply and I sincerely hope he'll be back when his contract is up, because he took my breath away and I desperately want to see more of him.

Now that that's out of the way, the final 20 have been announced. It's always interesting to see who the producers focus on. It doesn't really seem all that fair to the other people we've not heard anything about. The deck is already stacked against some of them. Who's going to remember Jeanine Mason (I had to look her up) when they've spent so much time showing up Asuka, Kaitlin and Karla? And with the guys it's even worse, poor Jason Glover, Jonathan Platero, and Ade Obayami; I hope they can bring it because the producers have managed to mention them all of once in the last 3 weeks of show, while Maksim and Pono got a bit more help and might hold the audiences attention long enough for the producers wrangling to become obsolete. However, I'm already so invested in Philip Chbeeb and Evan Kasprzak it's going to be difficult for anyone to compete with what the producers have done for them already.

So, I guess based on the auditions, I've named my final four. Of course the beauty of this show is now that the producers have had their say, we start getting our say.

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