Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The New Fall Season - Part One

I know it's been forever since I posted here. My summer surprised me by being fairly socially driven and I didn't have the time I usually do to watch TV and write about it. But fall is here (or will be tomorrow) and the new fall season has started.

Last year I wrote a lengthy post at the end of the week about everything I'd watched and blogger crashed just as I finished it. I lost the whole thing. So, this time I'm posting a couple days at a time and saving often!

Monday: Monday I watched an old favorite and checked out a couple of new shows. First the old favorite.
How I Met Your Mother- I've been watching How I Met Your Mother since it first hit the air. My Buffy-love compelled me to first turn it on, but it was the funny that kept me coming back. The 6th season premiere pushed the "mother" story-line a bit, which is always satisfying and after a somewhat lackluster 5th season, the laughs were back in full-force with Robin getting over her breakup, Lily and Marshall trying to get pregnant and Barney being Barney. I'm looking forward to the progression of this season's story lines.
The Event- It took me a while to decide whether I was going to watch this one or not. I'm still feeling annoyed and confused by both Lost and Heroes and disappointed by the canceling of The Nine and FlashForward, but I read some good reviews and determined to give it a shot. What I saw was definitely enjoyable. If the network keeps it on the air and the writers and producers can avoid the temptation to make unintelligible goo out of the subplots, this show can definitely be a winner.
Hawaii 5-0-I'm too young to have watched the original, so I can't speak to how it does as a reboot, what I can say is that this is a refreshing change of pace to the traditional cop procedural/forensics-fest we've been subjected to for the last 10-20 years (depending on whether you blame CSI or Law & Order). Instead, Hawaii 5-0 delivers breathtaking scenery, jaw-dropping action, engaging stories and characters and some delicious eye-candy. Yes, it's incredibly unrealistic, but that's what makes it stand out from the crowd!

Tuesday night I kept in on Fox.
Glee-After a weird teaser that had me a bit worried, Glee returned with a vengeance last night. The writing has continued to improve since the first few episodes last season (after which I stopped watching until this summer, it was just too painful). What made the premiere truly glorious though was the (somewhat disturbing) team of Sue and Shu. It just made me happy and I was smiling the whole hour.
Raising Hope-I've yet to make a decision on this one. I'll give it a couple more episodes for sure. On the surface, it seemed like a premise that could become one-note pretty quickly, but the last 2 minutes or so showed some real heart I'm hoping they'll expand on.
Running Wilde- The reviews I read weren't promising, so I didn't go into this one with high hopes. I didn't think it was as bad as others had been saying...I laughed a couple times and I didn't find any of the characters as detestable as some critics did. Regardless, I've been a Keri Russell fan since her Mickey Mouse Club days and Will Arnett could read a phone book and make me laugh, so I'll probably keep watching this one until it's canceled.

Did I miss something you watched? Have a different opinion on a show I covered. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. We watched House on Monday and Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) and Warehouse 13 (Syfy) on Tuesday. Those shows were both doing their season finales, and my kids and husband watch them. (I kind of peek over my shoulder while the shows are on.)
    We usually catch up with the How I Met Your Mother when it goes into reruns. I'm glad to hear it's off to a good start!



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