Monday, June 29, 2009

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer

Like the last Early Reviewer I received, this one could be classified 'Christian Fiction'. Unlike the last one I received, this one could also be read by anyone who enjoys a good story!

Broken Angel takes place in the near future. Fundamentalist Christians have banded together and seceded from the Union, forming their own country 'Appalachia'. They have a large electric fence surrounding their country, both keeping the Outside out and their people in. Border's are strictly controlled by Bar Elohim and his 'Elders'. Appalachia is an intriguing mix of old and new. Cars have been outlawed, except for official purposes. People move around on horseback or on foot. At the same time, everyone is required to have a registered 'vidpod' (it seems to be like a scarier version of the iPhone) on them at all time. This way they can be tracked and recorded. Being found without your vidpod is grounds for arrest. Reading is grounds for stoning.

It is to this new country that Jacob flees with daughter Caitlyn shortly after her birth. He has a secret he can never tell her regarding the circumstances of her birth. He knows as she matures, changes other than the typical will occur and it will be impossible to hide any longer. As Caitlyn reaches the cusp of woman hood, he is discovered and they go on the run, chased by Bar Elohim's bounty hunters. After 3 days, he hands her a letter and some instructions and sends her to find her way to the Outside while he attempts to distract the dogs from her true trail.

Broken Angel is full of twists and turns as Caitlyn moves through her heroes journey. People who seem like the 'bad guys' become good and vice versas. As I read, my allegiances were constantly shifting, though they never left Caitlyn. I was so taken in, that I finished it in just a few hours. The dialogue was readable, the action believable and premise fascinating.

Beyond just be a great read, I was left thinking about Theocracy, Fundamental Christianity and freedom of choice. It's my constant intention to avoid spoilers in my reviews, so I will end by saying that the people most likely to enjoy this book are Evangelicals or 'Mainstream' Christians with leftist leanings like myself, though, I'd truly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little meat with their thrillers.

Have you read Broken Angel? I'd love to talk about it. I'm hoping to get the next in the series soon.

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