Thursday, July 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - week 7

After the first hour and a half of a rather boring show last night (the early exception being Travis Walls' group routine) I was pretty sure the Melissa would be going home this week, not because she's not great, but because some of the other girls have a bit more personality. Then she and Ade did a contemporary routine about breast cancer:

And everything changed. I believe that this routine might have just saved her for another week. It left everyone watching it in tears, the judges, the audience, and myself included. It's because of routines like this that I watch the show. And tonight, we'll get to see more of these powerful routines as SYTYCD celebrates it's 100th episode with some of it's best and most popular routines throughout the years.

There was one more stand out routine for me, and it was not the Brandon and Jeanette military Jazz routine, though the judges certainly seemed to love it. Instead I was floored by Kayla and Jason's hip hop Zombie routine that finished the night. Unfortunately, it's not available in video form yet, but I'll try to get it up later.

So, who will go home tonight? That's very much up in the air. If it were based on dancing, Evan would be the guy going home, he just hasn't been able to bring it the way the other guys have; however, Evan also seems to have a large fan base and has never been in the bottom, so I'd guess Ade will go home instead. As to the women, after Melissa's performance last night my guess is going to be Jeannine, who is amazing but perhaps not as captivating as Kayla or Janette.

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