Thursday, July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance week 8

After last week, I've all but given up trying to predict who's going to win. I can't say that any of the routines really blew me away last night, though many of them were very enjoyable, I just didn't get that emotional connection to any of them. I have decided that if Brandon and Kayla aren't in the finale, it will be a serious travesty, so I attempted to vote for them, to do my small part. I got through on Kayla's line okay, but every time I tried Brandon's I got a message saying the number was not in service, which is troubling.

As to the other four, I adore Evan, but don't think he's very good at other styles of dance, and I truly don't understand why he's never been in the bottom. I'll be happy if he makes it to the finale, because I think he's a cutie, but I definitely don't want him to win. As to Jeannine and Melissa, as far as I'm concerned they're interchangeable. I've enjoyed watching them both, but I don't think they have the star power Kayla does.

So, that's what I have. Nothing left to do now but sit back and see who makes the finale!

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