Thursday, June 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, week 1

I'm late getting this out, it's been a crazy day, but I wanted to make sure I got my thoughts and opinions down before the results show tonight.

The first thing I have to say it WOW! Last year, by the end of the first episode I'd already picked the final five couples (and I was right), this year I have absolutely no idea who'll be going home tonight, never mind four weeks from now!

There were three performances who really stood out for me last night though, and I voted, once, for all three of them. The first was Phillip Chbeeb and his partner (I'll learn all their names eventually!) and their hip hop routine. Philip made it look effortless and she held her own, very impressive!

The next was Evan Kasprzak and his partner, Jeanine and their jazz routine. His technique blows my mind, it's always so crisp and yet it flows with grace. Unbelievable.

Finally, "naught ballerina" Melissa Sandvig and her partner Ade brought it with their contemporary routine. It's rare to see a ballerina on the show and I love the diversity Melissa brings to the show (someone other than a contemporary or b-boy!) I've also gotta love that she's 29 and still working hard in dance.

Results come tonight and we'll see how the rest of America agrees with me. Of course, we don't have to wait, feel free to tell me how you feel now with a comment!

One final note, did anyone else see Mark from last season sitting behind Wade Robson? He was my favorite last year, and I got all excited!


  1. My roommates before I moved to California watched all of these talent shows and I always got sucked in; they reminded me (albeit vaguely) of Star Search, which I LOVED watching as a kid. If you'd asked me what show I most wanted to be on... Well, I would have said Jeopardy!... But SECOND would have been Star Search. :-P

  2. There is a certain Star Search-y quality to them..."America's got Talent" in particular. However, this is the only one of the talent shows I watch at all, I find it the most entertaining.


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